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1997-2002 Edit

The warning screen was from TVB International Limited and Tai Seng Video Marketing is Warning Fire text on a black background. The first screen has the Chinese warning text on the black background, and second screen is the English text on the same background, in Chinese and English.

As TVB International Limited seen on VHS such as Witness to a Prosecution, The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Street Fighters, A Matter of Customs, Crimson Sabre, Gods of Honour, Seven Sisters, and The Awakening Story.

1998 Edit

The warning screen with the red text warning on black background. It's taken from Tai Seng Video Marketing, and ATV Home Video in English and is the same as the Newvideo warning.

As TVBI Company Limited seen on VHS such as Dark Tales II, Secret of the Heart, Journey to the West II, and Armed Reaction.

1999-2000 Edit

The warning screen from TVBI Company Limited is red warning text on a black background, first is Chinese, and second is English.

Taken from VHS of Aiming High, Side Beat, At the Threshold of an Era, A Smiling Ghost Story, At the Threshold of an Era II, Armed Reaction II, Lost in Love, and The Kung Fu Master including the Chinese Copy.

2001-2002 Edit

The warning screen from TVBI Company Limited is the same as before, but in a different way.

Taken from VHS of On the Track or Off, Armed Reaction III, A Step into the Past, and Chor Lau Heung 2001 including the Chinese Copy.

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