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EDIT: Right, so I've discovered that PromoLova's already uploaded this, in better quality even! BUT I'll make up for the coincidental duplicate post in time, I swear. A lot of VHS presentation-orientated goodies are on the way. :D

Actually, you know what? I'm so happy that I'm able to make this work that I'm uploading the first one of these NOW. FIRST DISNEY TRAILER REEL, YES!

Sorry for the over-enthusiasm but...heh, it just feels fantastic to finally be uploading trailer reels again, now I have better technology to work with. Well...hopefully so, it depends on what we see later on but still, here we go! Enjoy! :D And my apologies for some jitters in some parts, its in very clear, watchable quality other than that. Do know this IS a VHS that I played a lot so...yeah, expect that. ;)

But anyway, for the first time in about a year, CONTENTS!: 1) Blue Warning text 2) "Beware of Illegal Video Cassettes" Anti-Piracy Promo (Many companies had these in the same style, Disney only had it like this fairly briefly before then adopting their own way of making anti-piracy promos. Still neat.) 3 Closed Captioning info / "Now Showing at a Cinema Near You" 4) "The Lion King" Trailer, Shorterned 5) "Coming Soon from Walt Disney Home Video" 6) "The Aristocats" Home Video Promo (An underrated Disney movie! Not as bad as people say it is. Not AMAZING but certainly still enjoyable. Loved it as a kid though so perhaps I'm biast. ;) ) 7) "Also Available from Walt Disney Home Video" / Walt Disney Classics promo (With "Dumbo", "Alice in Wonderland", "Robin Hood" and "Mary Poppins". I miss the days when these things were categorized in a way that was meaningful, now its a lot more all over-the-place. Oh, and "Boom-BUMP! THE END!") 8) Disneyland Paris ad (This must of been JUST after they renamed the resort Disneyland Paris as it all REALLY started getting popular when they brought Space Mountain in a year later, yet at that point most still referred to it as EuroDisney just before SM got launched...still, nice. And yes, I know, I'm a massive dork.) 9) Stay Tuned / Walt Disney Home Video / I don't care what anyone says, the older WDP logo was way better than what we have now / "OOOOOONE SOOOOOOOOONG"

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