This warning screen is from Feature Films for Families and Feature Films for Humanities.

Mid 1980s-2000sEdit

Feature Films Warning Screens

The warning screen is the same as Warner Home Video warning screen on the black background, but it rather has the "Title 17" details, instead of the "$250,000" fine details. This warning screen has also been used for USA Home Entertainment (now owned by Universal Studios Home Entertainment; not to be confused with U.S.A. Home Video, which is now Lionsgate Home Entertainment) and BWE Video.

As seen on videotapes, such as The Buttercream Gang (1992), Rigoletto (1993), The Velveteen Rabbit (1986), Picture Perfect (1995), On Our Own (1988), The Retrievers (1982), Seasons of the Heart (1993/1994) and more.

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