These are the warning screens from Continental Video (which was one of the B-movie logos), along with Cinema Group Home Video.


Continental Warning

On a navy blue background, there's the white line... and on the left side there's the three letters. "FBI" (which was text in tall sans-serif font) and the FBI seal (colorized) on a black background. And on the right side, there's the word "WARNING" in gray colored and the details (especially the "Title 17" details) are in justified alignment.

As seen on such movies from Continental Video on VHS, includes Love at First Sight (1977), Lovespell (1981) and Terror on Tape (1983).


Media 1985 Warning

This is the same warning scroll as the United/VCI Warning Screen from 1979-1986, especially the "Title 17" detail.

As seen on Cartoon Classics and such movies from Continental Video on VHS.

1985-87 (Alternate)Edit

Warner Home Video Warning 3

This is the same warning as Warner Home Video Warning Screen from 1978-2004, especially the "$250,000 fine" detail.

As seen on such movies from Continental Video on VHS, includes Something Special (1986) and Deadtime Stories (1986).

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